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Discussion in 'Eador. Masters of the Broken World' started by Dan Spivakov, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator


    We made a video explaining a bit more how the strategic level is played in Eador. Please tell us what you think and what you want to see next.

  2. Ryou Member

    I must say it's a nice and detailed video, hope to see more about the game in the next video(s) :)

    About the game itself, there are one thing about the graphic though: I can see that the random lightning strikes on the shard can become distracting, especially if it comes with sound effect. I suggest that you reduce that frequency of the strikes or make it happen only in provinces with more dense cloud (cause as I see it right now, even provinces with little or no cloud floating over can sometimes be struck by lightning).

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
  3. Dan Spivakov Administrator


    Sure thing, we'll fix it, it's just that we added these effects not so long ago to test them and see how they look in-game. We may have overdone it a bit :)
  4. Ryou Member

    Nice to hear that! Now I'm just waiting for the next video.
  5. Jean-Luc New Member

    Greetings from Serbia. ;-)

    Really looking forward to more videos and the game of course.

    Just wanted to give you guys a little morale boost.
  6. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Thanks a lot :) And yeah, we're working on a new video. Hopefully we'll release it this week.
  7. Szalbierz Member

    Holy cows, I am amazed guys at your vision. Strategical level, tactical view, different play-style, depth and complexity ... Truly impressed, and i have a feeling you are working on something that will be played for years to come.
    Just a little disappointed I cannot buy it yet :)
  8. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Thanks a lot :)

    And here's the latest video on heroes and battles in Eador:

  9. Ryou Member

    Looks good. But I think the gryphons at 1:28 in the video need some improvements. Their wings are supposed to "fold" into the back, only unfold when they actually fly. The way it's shown in the video is really weird and clutter the view of the battlefield. This also applies to other flying creatures, unless their are constantly flying like fairies or harpies.
  10. Jean-Luc New Member

    Great video but I still feel units are a bit too large in tactical combat.
  11. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Yeah, we'll try to fix this at some point as well.

    In general or just some selected ones?
  12. Antonio Hipster New Member

    I have some questions about game,

    1. Can you move unit and attack in same turn?
    2. Is there «Zone of Control»? (when enemy goes near your defending unit in melee range, he loses all move points; he have to deal with melee unit first or retreat)
  13. Laodicean New Member

    Currently it seems as though everything is a little too big, which is resulting in a bit of a jam-packed look, and detracting from the beautiful terrain you've drawn for the tactical maps. Also, I would suggest perhaps creating bigger differentials in size, such that humans appear smaller compared to more monstrous creatures, this might help give more of an epic feel to the creatures, and help to give a sense of scale.

    I absolutely love the fact that you're including morale and stamina, as well as terrain advantages. Things like that really add flavour to the battle. On that note, are there any bonuses for flanking? I'd imagine with single units rather than stacks this might not be necessary or fit with the flavour of one on one combat. Although...

    1. From the videos it appears so.

    2. I would think with battles this small, zone of control could make things a bit unstable, giving certain units an edge. Fast units could just fly very close to an army, (effectively suiciding) really hampering the other team's movement.
  14. Ryou Member

    For a relatively small tactical battle, flanking seems a bit weird because Eador is not a tactical strategy game likes Total War series which has large armies face off in the battlefield. Having said that, I suggest a similar approach: It's the "backstab" mechanic, sneaky units like thieves or assassins have the ability to backstab the enemy provided that said enemy unit is facing a friendly unit and the backstabber is attacking from directly behind (So the enemy is in the middle hex between the first attacker and the backstabber, facing the first attacker). The backstab attacks should have increased damage (2x ?) or perhaps ignore enemy's armor (I prefer the first option). This could make maneuvering in battle more interesting and rewarding provided that the player can actually maneuver the backstab unit into position.
  15. Laodicean New Member

    I think it would also depend a lot on Stamina. It might not even be worth the added effort of movement for a unit to get behind something if it's going to get fatigued doing so. It might give sneakier classes more punch towards the later stages of battles, and it's always a nice risk-reward system deciding whether the extra damage is worth throwing your backstabbing units up against stronger foes.
  16. Ryou Member

    Agree, the player should consider the risks and gains, if there is a strong unit attacking his army, he might consider sending a backstabber behind it to quickly bring it down, however if there are other enemy units nearby it might not be a good idea to expose one single unit for the enemies to close in and kill it.
  17. Jean-Luc New Member

    It's more pronounced with larger units but I agree with the above.

    AoW2/SM had really good unit scale I think.
  18. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Yeah, there's no such thing.

    We don't have flanking in tactical battles. Units can counter attack only once per turn so additional attacks of a several units on a single one give you more advantage.
  19. Sami Nurmi New Member

    I fully agree with this. I would suggest to enlarge the terrain objects and scale armies down.
  20. Edi Member

    Just watched both videos linked in this thread and here are some of by observations:

    • The strategic map looks great. It would be great if there are options to control the visibility of borders, so that they can be muted or brightened.
    • The heroes and armies on the strategic map seem a little too large compared to all the terrain. Slightly scaling them down would be more esthetically pleasing, while not making them any harder to spot. Right now they tower over everything like titans.

    On the combat video:
    • The graphics look excellent, but again, scaling down the units would be good and make things look a little less crowded. The units would also look more proportional to the terrain. Making human units proportionally smaller to the large units would also make for a significant improvement.
    • Everything does seem to be very busy and crowded in terms of battlefield size. Is the battlefield scrollable, meaning that it would be larger than the screen and you could scroll a few hexes off to the sides and possibly the top and bottom too? A slightly larger battlefield would increase the possibilities of using tactical formations and maneuvering.
    • The above change would not alter the tactical battle phase significantly, but would make it a little bit more like Age of Wonders in some respects. I personally always liked how tactical combat in that game was done and the battlefield in Eador Genesis feels a bit too small. The battlefield in Masters of the Broken World seems to be about the same size.

    Other questions:
    Does the game have a PBEM possibility? If it does, would all combats be decided through an autocombat mechanism? Obviously tactical battlefield control would not be possible in a PBEM game.

    Really looking forward to this game!

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