Patch notes (April 26)

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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    The new 1.0.4 update is here. Here's what been changed and fixed:
    • Added achievements for all versions of the game.
    • Added ‘hotseat’ mode for tactical battles.
    • Added windowed mode support.
    • Added an alternative hotkey option for using spells of heroes and units (with ‘1’, ’2’, ’3’ etc.)
    • Updated balance in multiplayer.
    • Improved multiplayer stability.
    • Problems launching the game caused by Data Execution Prevention settings in Windows OS.
    • Game crash after a double battle (first province guard vs. enemy hero, then player’s hero vs. enemy hero).
    • Inaccurate battle results predictions.
    • Inability to proceed in the tutorial under certain conditions (choosing Wizard or Commander).
    • Game crash caused by an enemy attacking player’s capital with a guard and without garrison.
    • Heroes displaying as possible province guards when player is attacked by enemy.
    • Inability to apply a ritual on a hero in uninhabited province.
    • Player’s crystals count bug during an arena fight.
    • Game crash caused by refusing to watch an arena fight.
    • Blocking of map control buttons while selecting a ritual.
    • Hotkey display bug in a tooltip for actions that also have an extended version of a tip.
    • Hotkeys for province list classification.
    • Generation of unreachable enemies in the campaign.
    • Some mistakes in the in-game text.
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  2. Spookyy New Member

    Yay, finally no Access Violation starting a campaign! Will play and test more later.
  3. LancelOCT Member

    wow nice!! I've hit many of these bugs :)
  4. Lathie New Member

    Great list. I want to add some bug reports while im at it. I noticed whenever you Autobattle and you destroy the moral of some enemy troops you get the screen to Chase them or let them go. If you chase them you end up on the battlefield with no moves. If you choose let them go your whole army DIES... pretty dissapointing :D Also whenever i choose Holy Knight for my warrior it says that it gets resurrected whenever that unit dies. But it doesnt.
  5. Sanjiyan New Member

    Hello, I just recently started playing this a few days ago and so far its really fun :) My only disappointment was the lack of a windowed mode which I see in these patch notes. That makes things a lot easier for me since I do so many things at the same time. However in both the Launcher Settings or in game settings I can not find the option to activate the windowed mode, where is it?
  6. IcantHear New Member

    Aww yeah, window mode! Great news!

    Now I'm just waiting for the update that will speed up animations. Fights in the later stages of the game take forever because the attack animations are so slow.
  7. Goofie New Member

    And still this really really game breaking bug! Always after 50 turns in campaign. When i fight against a Scout and kill him to finish the battle the game really makes no more fun
  8. Statue Member

    Brilliant stuff. Thanks for the fast work on this, a patch every couple of days is amazing support. The triple A studios should take note!
  9. reminder Active Member

    Might sound stupid... but how do I enable windowed mode?

    Eagerly waiting for fixed karma transfers and faster animations.
  10. Harfang Member

    Wow : 4 patches in 7 days -- rare are developers who work so hard to fix and augment a game in so short a time ! Thanks a lot, dear Russian devs.

    I prefer to play games in a window, on a 26-inch/1920x1200 monitor screen. I have not tried it yet, but I suppose that windowed mode can be enabled when launching the game : instead of selecting Play, I suppose we have to select Settings and then modify a profile's graphical parameters.
  11. Black Wind New Member

    right in the launcher you have play, settings, manual go into settings then chose your profile and at the bottom of video you will see it there and their are loads of settings in there to tweak if you want as well.
  12. terryrayc New Member

    Any idea when the fix will be in for the game hanging after battles. Currently I've found that if a mage fights a mage the game just hangs at a hourglass after the battle and all you can do is either reload or force close the game. I'm tired of restarting shards because of this.
  13. reminder Active Member

    Loads of useless and unimportant settings you mean, unless I'm blind enough to miss "windowed mode" choice. And I did have my eyes checked recently.

    Please, don't suppose. I supposed the game should be running fairly smoothly when it launched on STEAM and GOG. Should've checked first.
  14. Rellin Member

    Keep it up!
  15. Black Wind New Member

    works for me as i just tried it did you click launch game after setting it?

    edit: tho i get an assert error >.>
  16. Xara Active Member

    Yap now I'm getting Assert error for the first time. When using windowed mode
  17. Articulatemis New Member

    Hey, just wanted to say how impressed I am with your dedication to the game by releasing all these patches. Unfortunately, there are a few more things I've personally noticed that hasn't been covered yet. Is anyone else who plays the custom games (single shard) unable to get their scores on the Book of Masters list? I've won a number of games with high scores that say "You've been placed on Page # of the Book of Masters" , but whenever I check, nothing shows up. I think it may be due to the fact there's no actual Ironman Mode yet, so a single save file (or game) can produce multiple high scores, but that's just my theory. Not the biggest deal, but my girlfriend and I like to compete for those kinds of things lol.

    Also, I notice that in game events that reward gems almost never reward the full amount stated. Sometimes I don't even get any. There were some other things I noticed too, but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now. Thanks again for the awesome game!
  18. Kostas New Member

    Could someone please upload the files to a server so that can manually update it... The updater.exe gets stuck :(
    Hope i can play the game after this update cuz so far i havent been to able to even start it :(
  19. GreenFeline New Member

    I was at first a bit disappointed with the amount of bugs on release, but I have to say that I'm very impressed with the speed they are being fixed! This latest patch fixes a bunch of the ones annoyed me the most.(Like that damned double battle one haha) :)
  20. Xara Active Member

    I don't get what's so impressive about that. It's like ordering a meal at a restaurant only to have your burger burned, missing the mustard, and only having half a bun, sending it back, then ten minutes later when you get your burger the way you asked for it: saying "Wow, they sure fixed my order quick!"

    This is both dutiful and appreciated, but

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