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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    New update 1.1.2 is coming in a few hours.

    (special thanks to Jktu for the illustration)
    • Added diplomatic interactions with other Masters.
    • Added alchemy (turning gold into gems and vice versa).
    • Changed and improved unit information screen.
    • Added new achievements.
    • Fixed and improved Phoenix unit model.
    • Untimely recalculation of troops’ mobility after constructing the buildings that increase it and using ‘Fair Wind’ ritual.
    • AI spending money and advancing ineffectively.
    • AI building three shipyards in one province.
    • AI not hiring an army while exploring a province with a garrison for a long time.
    • AI not building outpost while having access to fort.
    • Spell efficiency algorithm for AI. Heroes used to learn not the most powerful spells which resulted in development lag of Wizard and Commander.
    • AI heroes not always learning new skills on level up.
    • Acquiring too much experience during sight exploration with a hero meeting Spirit of Knowledge.
    • Ritual not being displayed with fog of war on and being displayed with it off.
    • Lack of increase in the price for missing resources during items purchase.
    • Bonuses for units with knowledge of dead lands and desert not working.
    • Game crash caused by quest checking after finished battle and dialog display for heroes under AI control.
    • Game freeze during turn ending caused by AI hero’s item equipment.
    • Rare game crash caused by map generation and exiting the game.
    • Incorrect award display for victory on the Arena.
    • Rare game crash on exiting city screen caused by hero’s unprocessed dialogs from previous shard.
    • Too strong province guards on early campaign stages.
    • Bug causing heroes to be stuck in a province due to AI player using a ritual that triggers an event.
    • Injury animation for Executioner unit.
    • Blinking of ‘Cancel’ and ‘Change’ buttons in the city screen.
    • ‘Attack Shard’ window’s tooltip covering functional buttons.
    • Game’s icon disappearing from Alt-Tab menu in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
    • Improved creation and removal mechanism of the render’s context.
    • Possible game crash with the ‘Incomplete draw buffer’ error.
    • Possible game crash caused by changing graphic settings.
    • Possible game crash caused by launching the game on several Intel video cards.
    • Disconnect in multiplayer caused by a match being inactive for a long time.
    • Commander that uses some of Scout’s skills can now shoot with crossbow.
    • Synchronized attack and animation for Centaur, Ballista and Catapult units.
    • Removal of one fragment of the castle’s wall during its assault.
    • Interface elements for provinces that aren’t bordered with player’s not being displayed with Fog of War off.
    • Game freeze caused by pressing Escape button in the city screen.
    • Bonuses for mixed skill sets of Commander not working properly in some cases.
    • Reduced sound volume prior to and after a battle.
  2. Grantel Member

    Nice to hear this.
    But please provide a download link for it as well [GOG customer], because the patcher has never worked for me (and will probably not work like always ;)).
  3. Kirah New Member

  4. Grantel Member

    Hey Kirah,

    great, the link works (the updater doesn't) ;).

    Lets try this patch, harrr..

    Have a nice weekend etc, Grantel
  5. reminder Active Member


    Best.Patch. Ever.
  6. Caz New Member

    It is the best patch ever, I can play in color too!!!! THANK YOU
  7. silof Member

    Thank you! let's see how's the diplomacy!
  8. Wakiliar New Member

    Dan, you and Team Snowbird have done a fantastic job addressing many of the issues since the games launch. Loved the game and concept since day one, now I lose track of time playing the game:) My only wish for a future DLC or content addition is to add some rewards that are persistent between shards:) Something like a "unique hero" that you can summon to a shard for a cost and the hero has all of his abilities previously earned etc...

    Have a great weekend! You all have earned it:)
  9. Handel Member

    After the patch some AI squads have greater (6+) initiative then it is supposed to have. Pegasi correctly have initiative 6, but spiders should have initiative 2 or 3 - instead they start with 6+ too etc.
  10. Catalin M Member

    Hello! I hope the next patch is coming soon. What I would really love to see improved are two things:
    1- I'd like to read in an item's information tab how rare it is and maybe different colours for different degrees of rarity.
    2- When a hero explores a province, the purple bar correctly shows his experience, but the % figure does not change, in spite of the hero getting the experience.
    Thank you a lot for all you've done so far! :)
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  11. apopov New Member

    I just installed the game yesterday for the first time ( bought in on GOG). First - it took me an hour before it patched itself to 1.1.2. I had to re-install it twice, and only on third time I installed GoG 0.0.8 version, then applied the patch from GoG, then launched .exe for the game direcly from explorer and it checked that version was out of date and started downloading the latest patches.

    The download link above - were we supposed to just unpack it to game directory? Because that resulted in crash on startup. And I am still not quite sure what made the automatic patcher finally work.

    Also - my Hero met Spirit of Knowledge and got no experience - I reloaded and checked percentages just to be sure.

    Other than the install issues and that bug, having fun. (seriously though, please update the GoG download version)
  12. MarcDaKind Member

    I know you might like a DRM free version, but steam is much more reliable and easy to update / use than GOG.

    GOG downloading and updating always brings some kind of problem in my experience, so I have started using steam instead + epic summersales.
  13. Catalin M Member

    There is a small bug that causes the percentages of experience not to change for exploration and events. But you do get the experience (check the purple bar next to the unit/hero's portrait).
  14. Maniehl New Member

    GOG and updates...

    I had issues with the GOG installer/updater as well, solved the problem by deleting that short cut on my desktop and putting the actual game launcher on my desktop - which will launch directly to the game and update.

    \Eador 2\eador_mbw.exe
  15. Marcin New Member

    When next patch with AI improvement will come?

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