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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    New update 1.1.1 is now available for download.

    Hotfix update:
    • Multiplayer has been moved to a more powerful server.
    • Fixed a bug with disabled unit abilities in tactical battles.
    Change list:
    • Added German localization.
    • Improved font texture for German and Polish versions of the game.
    • Different icons for achievements (in-game only for now, will be available for Steam soon).
    • Added additional check of the files integrity for the autoupdate system.
    • Removed scrollbar from dialog windows. They are now scaled depending on the amount of text.
    • Extended header in the statistics screen on the strategic map.
    • Added ‘Lowest’ graphics preset in the settings.
    • Added extended tooltips for spells on the city screen.
    • Province’s resource not appearing based on the event results.
    • AI heroes not getting experience from visiting arena.
    • Inactive ‘Start battle’ button when entering arena’s tribune.
    • Hero’s karma change when he’s watching fights from arena’s tribune.
    • Dialog window covering units hire window on some events.
    • Dialog window appearing above the window for choosing a guard during an event where player’s province with more than one guard is attacked.
    • A bug causing hero’s negative mobility.
    • Possible game crash during loading caused by ATI video cards.
    • Possible game crash when saving profile.
    • Game crash caused by switching from ‘Minimum’ to ‘Maximum’ graphics preset.
    • Empty necromancy window appearance when the battle is finished.
    • Generation of impassable tactical map.
    • AI bug that prevented it from hiring the best guard available.
    • AI bug that prevented it from hiring any guards at all.
    • AI’s algorithm for battle result prediction.
    • Simultaneous shooting of AI’s archers on the fastest battle speed.
    • Resources becoming available after clearing any sight in a province instead of a certain one.
    • Letters cutting in the strategic map’s statistics screen.
    • Quests could be considered as complete when clearing sights in a non-quest province.
    • Player’s heroes inability to leave a neutral province because of AI’s heroes (AI considered these provinces as passable).
    • Incorrect display of change in gem / gold revenue caused by events.
    • A bug that caused AI’s dead heroes to level up thus not letting it to resurrect them.
  2. reminder Active Member

    Updates are always welcome, but in my humble opinion this one hardly fixes anything important at all. Maybe the AI improvements are somewhat good, but it's hardly a reason to pick up teh game.
  3. Alohahawaii New Member

    Nice :) thanks a lot.....
  4. Tomasp3n New Member

    So, no diplomacy fix. Oh well, at least it's obvious they're working their asses off to get the game in shape. Still the best game I've played in quite some time.
  5. Sonix2003 New Member

    Eador was just update by Steam to version 1.1.0. Seems the new patch broke some action buttons:
    (see screenshot)
    - hero can no longer use "double shot", "rest"
    - healers can no longer heal
    - spear man can no longer do "forces march"

    If anybody has a solution for this problem, this would be very helpful. If this is a bug introduced by the new patch, please fix asap.


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  6. Mordbrenner New Member

    I can confirm this bug after the patch.
  7. Alohahawaii New Member

    Same Problem here :(
  8. Nirven New Member

    Yes, seems all action icons are inactive and grayed out. Healers don't heal, Archers don't double shoot, Swordmen don't force march...
  9. alrom New Member

    Thx for the support. Any news on the commander 10 lvl benefits not aplying to units. And priest commander/mage getting command 11 and in multiplayer a lvl 20 priest getting command 11 and magic 5, not 6.
  10. catcatcat New Member

    Same bug with unit abilities. Unplayable til fixed.
  11. reminder Active Member

    Wow, no heals for healers? Gamebreaking, anyone?
  12. Urd'NaXela New Member

    hmm, needing a hot fix ATM to play the game...
  13. chronomodra New Member

    Unless you're like me and you've been frustrated for the past week having the game crash 50% of the time you're trying to load the game, and sometimes when you're not.
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  14. Handel Member

    I see no fix for the bug when you demolish 1 province building, next turn all the province buildings are gone (except the new one build instead of the demolished); and the AI heroes building 3 shipyards in 1 turn (still didn't try it so I don't know if the player can do this too)
    Also no fix for the siege bug - sometimes the sieges starts with walls still intact; the attackers kill the defenders with missiles/magic but the siege never ends.
  15. Thoukanis New Member

    Glad I read this before starting up Steam! I put it straight into 'offline' mode before it had time to download and update the game. Hope they fix it soon!

    **Edit** Oh that didn't won't launch because it says "update required"....that sucks!
  16. haphazard1 Member

    Patch breaking the game (actions greyed out) == very bad. :(

    But I am glad to see this latest round of changes and fixes. Especially the hero stuck in neutral province fix -- that one has bit me several times recently. The resource available after clearing any site issue is also a good one to fix, along with some of the others being helpful. Still lots of items that need to be addressed (as others have already noted), but thanks again for the continuing work to improve this already very enjoyable game.
  17. Sakota New Member

    Confirm all actions are grayed out for me, too. The AI is still able to use them for their troops and on mine when I use auto combat.
  18. DipsyDavid New Member

    Grr my healers can't heal and my archer won't double shot. Really annoying, please fix.
  19. Gaston DAoust Member

    I also can confirm that action buttons no longer work. The game is now unplayable. Someone on the dev team should play through a few turns of the game before releasing an update.
  20. iatre Member

    The game is becoming unplayable with this bug. The AI is sailing across 2 water tiles to continuously hit my provinces, and I have no recourse because I cannot sail more than 1 tile to hit his. I have to keep my main hero on constant defense from these aquatic assaults. I was able to handle it during the easier shards, since I could just fight my way through the provinces to get to him. But, now that the shards are getting harder (I've captured about 10 or so), the neutral provinces are incredibly strong and cannot be blitzed down quickly (5 ogres, 3 cyclopses, and giant, anyone?). So, I have to just sit back and take their invasions from halfway across the map with no recourse.

    I didn't even notice the action buttons not working, since I had just started a new shard since the patch, and didn't have time to level anybody up to have an action like that. If so, that needs to be fixed immediately.

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