Patch notes (May 14)

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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    A new update 1.0.7 is now available for download.

    Patch notes:
    • Added a button at the center of the quarter wheel in the city screen. When pressed, it’ll position the camera on general city view.
    • A bug that caused essential for progressing provinces appear on shards with standard conditions.
    • Archmage’s inability to use two spells in his first turn.
    • ‘Parry’ and ‘Forced March’ skills weren’t working properly in the first turn.
    • Game’s freeze after diplomatic capture of a province.
    • Event spam after hiring gargoyles.
    • Wrong color of information display when a province is 100% explored.
    • ‘Unrest’ icon will no longer be shown on the map if inhabitant’s attitude to player’s reign is positive.
    • An exploit involving an exchange between heroes and hiring units in besieged enemy capital’s garrison.
    • A bug that allowed learning spells during enemy capital’s siege.
    • A bug that allowed learning spells from scrolls if the Library isn't constructed.
    • Health indicator display at 1 HP for dragon and hydra units.
    • A bug that allowed summoning creatures from eggs and keeping the eggs at the same time.
    • Ability to summon creatures from eggs outside the garrison.
    • Icons of guards unavailable for hire weren’t displayed correctly.
    • A bug that allowed constructing planned buildings at the start of a turn during enemy capital’s siege.
    • Mistiming in multiplayer caused by use of summoning skills or spells.
    • Found ritual scrolls, guard pacts and building blueprints now won’t be displayed if hero’s inventory is full.
    • Player’s portrait incorrect display on the statistics screen during the tutorial.
    • A bug that caused wrong camera positioning in the city screen when a building from Foreign Quarter was selected.
    • A bug that caused recurring uprising in a captured province.
    • Inability to place units in a hot-seat or multiplayer battle after starting and leaving the tutorial.
    • Upgrades for units weren’t displaying on the strategic map after using auto-battle or ‘Illusionary Battle’ ritual.
    • A bug that caused the game to freeze after an enemy slug used ‘Necrophagy’ skill.
    • Battle continuation after victory based on morale is achieved.
    • Game’s freeze caused by using ‘Double Shot’ skill and enemy unit dying by the first shot arrow.
    • Missing screen for choosing the second specialization for a hero when he was leveled up exploring a province.
    • Game’s freeze caused by fighting in two battles in a row with different armies with auto-battle set to ‘On’.
    • Game’s freeze caused by fighting in a battle and refusing to fight in the next one with auto-battle set to ‘On’.
    • A nearby province was highlighted as impassable when ‘Forced March’ skill was used.
  2. Blazej New Member

    another one!

    nice, thx

    will you improve AI soon by anychance? :) already did almost 100 hours but AI is not very challenging... ;-)
  3. Peter Ebbesen Member

    A decent number of fixes for annoying but minor issues for this week's patch.

    I can't help wondering when the in this forum currently most frequently mentioned campaign bug, namely home shard defense not giving the player his accumulated bonuses of buildings, gold, gems, units, and items, will be addressed.
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  4. Cane Member

    I was surprised to see that this was not fixed in this patch. We have been waiting for this a long time and coupled with the stupid static home shard where some of us has a horrible start the bonuses is needed at higher difficulties.
  5. Kostas New Member

    It'd be much appreciated if someone uploaded the patch files because the updater is stuck on GOG version :)
  6. Mr.Bastard New Member

    Can someone tell me if the Diplomacy screen is fixed? Or am i being the huge idiot overlooking something?
  7. Crow New Member

  8. Kostas New Member

  9. DEmperor Member

    no they haven't :D
  10. Statue Member

    Thanks for the fixes. Am very grateful for the hard work the team is putting in on polishing this up, but would have to echo the sentiments here and elsewhere with regard to the need to fix it so that when there are homeworld invasions the invaded player does indeed get their energy-free bonuses. It's a quite notable remaining campaign mechanic error.

    Keep up the good work, lot of niggles fixed in today's patch.
  11. reminder Active Member

    This patch is somewhat disappointing. No home defense fix and no shard diplomacy fix. Oh, and I'm still playing black and white.

    Minor issues are minor - it's somewhat good to see them fixed, but at the same time that leaves me unhappy that bigger ones are still out there.
  12. DEmperor Member

    anyway can you guys fix the read error when i want to upgrade the building, i used to click at the requirement building pic so i can quickly found the requirement building. when i click that + sign to navigate me quickly i usually get errror message and a black screen it is really annoying..

    i hope you guys can fix this at later upgrade. and be quick about the diplomacy option:p

    @reminder just stop playing for a month then play again when they already fix a lot of things. otherwise you will waste your time really. i am not playing now because i want to play this game fully later :D
  13. Chiatroll New Member

    I like to see all the fixed.

    I understand things are fixed in the order of complexity of the problem and they are working on things all the time which is why you can deliver patches so frequently.

    I was pretty excited last patch with the karma fix.

    I'll be pretty excited when I see there is a fix to home defense and diplomacy and home to find them or at least one of them on the next patch. I'll assume they are more complicated time consuming issues to fix.
  14. haphazard1 Member

    Thanks to the dev team for their continuing hard work. I am happy to see some of these fixes, especially the double shot killed on first shot issue -- I like to play with the archer specialization of the scout and this has been a recurring issue for me.

    I am not far enough into the campaign yet for the home shard or diplomacy issues to have affected me yet. But I will agree with others that these appear to be high priority issues, and hopefully we will see fixes for them in the near future.

    Keep up the great work! I am having a ton of fun with this game.
  15. LancelOCT Member

    Great work! :)
  16. erikem New Member

    Anyone knows if AI turns became faster?
  17. Nice fix, I have personally experienced many of the problems on the list (and even reported some of them). It proves that taking the time to report a problem is worth our time, no matter how small.
  18. Thybhault New Member

    Nop, and it's a real shame as they are doing so much great work but without this bug out this game is still unplayable...
  19. Inquizitor New Member

    What is the status of Multiplayer campaigns?
  20. DEmperor Member

    true, don't play campaign now or you will lose all the fun lol

    fix the defending benefit please lol i already try the new update and when i am attcked by the barbarian i did not get my benefit (use my save to check it)

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