Patch notes (May 17)

Discussion in 'Eador. Masters of the Broken World' started by Dan Spivakov, May 17, 2013.

  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    A new update (1.0.8) is coming in a few hours. Here's the change list:

    • Turn resolution code has been optimized, resulting in speed improvement during AI turns.
    • Better support for scalable interface windows.
    • Provinces under AI control will now trigger random events just like the player’s provinces do.
    • Maximum zoom level on strategic map has been increased a little; the camera can be brought closer to the ground level now.
    • AI construction decisions have been improved.
    • Fixed an error with the body of a slain hero taking too long to be delivered to the stronghold.
    • Fixed an error with AI heroes’ level computation, resulting in AI heroes gaining levels too fast.
    • Fixed an error causing the AI to engage into battles with hopeless odds of victory.
    • Fixed an error causing the AI to ignore the construction limits, such as constructing 5 first tier military buildings instead of 4.
    • Fixed an error causing the AI to spend too many resources on mercenaries.
    • Fixed an error in construction window, when clicking to select the Great Temples set of buildings caused selection of the Matter Transmutation set instead.
    • Fixed an error with unlocking the “Viva la Revolucion!” achievement.
    • Fixed an error where the unit selected in the garrison window sometimes could not be deselected and dropped from cursor, resulting in the game getting stuck in the garrison window.
    • Fixed a misguiding tooltip on the bottom panel button in the citadel interface.
    • Fixed a tactical combat interface error with ending turn while a spell is selected.
    • Fixed an error with a medal being awarded after winning a shard for conquering every province therein.
    • Fixed erroneous display of access conditions for the third foreign quarter building of lizardmen allies.
  2. Thybhault New Member

    Greaaaat job guys !! Wonderful patch, i love it ! Can't wait to try it ! :D
  3. Grantel Member

    While all this is great, home shard defense is still missing.
  4. reminder Active Member

    Home shard def and diplomacy fixes please. I wouldn't mind if you took a look at intel videocard compatibility with shaders too.

    I will probably appreciate faster turn times when I start playing the game again. So thanks, I guess.
  5. Thybhault New Member

    Yeah, but now you can play this game with much more fun :D AI Turn was THE fix to bring here !!
  6. Caz New Member

    Please look at the Intel videocard compatability, all these patches are brilliant but I'm unable to play the game at the moment due to the graphics.
  7. reminder Active Member

    Mate, when you reach the point where you have about 20 shards conquered, medium sized maps and above, you will understand. As it is now, the campaign is hardly different from the same amount of custom games.
  8. RobC04 New Member

    The AI turn times was the most important fix for me since it affects any game once you get beyond tiny and small worlds. If the turn times are really improved it will be a huge difference. I'm not saying that the diplomacy and home shard defense aren't important, but the AI turn times trumps them for me. Now they are 1 step closer to eliminating the big deficiencies. Maybe the home shard defense and diplomacy issues will be next. Since those don't impact the first bunch of shards I think I'll finally restart my campaign.
  9. Jerieth Member

    This is all great, but I am still getting random Access Violation errors and hourglass freezing. I think that needs to be a big priority as well.

    For instance, there is one shard that has the "World of Knowledge" benefit, and after the first turn my game always crashes due to an access violation error. It is really annoying, as a I particularly want the techs on this world.
  10. The_Harlequin New Member

    Great job, guys! Keep it going!
  11. project_mercy Member

    Thank you for all your hard work on updating the game so quickly.
  12. Chiatroll New Member

    They did two patches this e
    They did two patches this week and at least one patch every other week give issues time they seem to be working all the time. This one seems to be mostly AI fixes and time the AI takes has been a HUGE subject on the forums.

    I hadn't heard about access violations before in this game. It could be the game and something that needs to be address in a later patch or it could be permission issues or a problem with your install. Had you done a reinstall? I'm not saying it's not the game and something they will probably patch soon at the rate things are going just that all options should be looked at with an issue even if the game itself is buggy.
  13. diez New Member

    Anyone is seeing any improvement in the time you need to wait between turns? I don't see any big difference, perhaps 5-6 seconds less than before. Do I have to restart the shard?
  14. Industriality New Member

    How can I make Anti Aliasing work ? Any help would be welcome !!!
  15. -GEC- New Member

    You don't have to restart shard. Turn optimization give best results on big shards with difficult AIs. Better AI Turn optimisation will be done in next week patch 1.0.9.

    We know about problems with AA, on some videocards and driver versions. We are going to fix this later, after more critical issues fixed.
  16. Evilguy919 New Member

    Well I just test it out and there is some improving in the speed. I'm at 362 turn, with 3 player, and max shard size custom game. Before the patch, it would take 3 to 4 min or so per turn, sometime even 5 if the AI have more than 1 hero, now after the patch it down to around 2 min. Still, that is quite a waiting in between turn. Currently loading a new save with only 2 player and big shard, not the max size. I guess I wait until they can find a way to improve the turn even more or something.
  17. Kenneth Finucan New Member

    Just saw the new patch. You guys are doing GREAT and your work toward improving this already WONDERFUL game is MUCH appreciated. While still not perfect (what game ever is???), your efforts WILL be remembered with future purchases. Personally, I feel this games is the best since HOMM III, and is just as good. No compliment could be greater. Good work, and thanks very much.
  18. Chiatroll New Member

    the AI not getting random levels fix seems to be working pretty hardcore. I walked my level 15 warrior into the enemy lands today to see a level 4 mage enemy.
  19. erikem New Member

    Yeah the AI speed is faster but still too slow to enjoy the game
  20. FarAway Sooner Active Member

    The work on AI speed says that Snowbird is listening to their customers and doing a good job of prioritizing their fixes. (some obviously take longer than others)

    The game isn't quite a fully polished gem yet, but it is round into shape soon and I'm already having lots of fun playing it. Keep up the good work, Snowbird!

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