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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi guys,

    A new update for the game (1.0.5) is coming in a few hours. Here are the patch notes:
    • Added support for displays with 768 vertical pixels resolution.
    • Unit animations have been sped up.
    • Added 5 new achievements.
    • Multiplayer balance changes.
    • Added new illustrations for several events.
    • Added option for changing lighting modes.
    • Multiplayer stability improved.
    • The way heroes' attributes level up has been changed (multiplayer).
    • Assert and Access Violation errors in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8.
    • Unusually high levels of enemy heroes.
    • Crash caused by loading the game in windowed mode.
    • Quests for making alliances.
    • Possible crash while using Alt+Tab during loading time.
    • Inaccurate attack result prediction as target’s parry skill was not correctly taken into account.
    • Earthquake event bug.
    • Inability to return a province captured by demons.
    • Event bug caused by province’s capture by inquisitors.
    • Bugs caused by player’s attack on a guard in his own province.
    • Hero’s death when he finds a not guarded sight with treasure.
    • Non disappearing icon of a guard after his dismissal.
    • Hotkey for ‘Crushing Blow’ skill.
    • Some changes in the in-game text.
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  2. RaptorJesus New Member

    Nice work but please fix the karma system. Playing the campaign makes no sense right now because of the karma not transfering from shard to astral level.
  3. reminder Active Member

    Karma fix is the most important for me too, so please do it as soon as you can. Thanks for the work as well.
  4. kingdingeling New Member

    Thanks for fixing the resolution bug!
  5. Cane Member

    All patches are nice but I can't help feel that theres still a long way to go.

    And as previous posters have already mentioned the karma must be fixed ASAP
  6. Lathie New Member

    Im dissapointed by these patch notes. Okay its nice to have an update again but i would like to see some work on game breaking bugs like karma.
  7. Inso Member

    who cares about karma lol
  8. RaptorJesus New Member

    As you can see many people do care.
  9. LordTheRon Member

    Thanks for the new notes. Few good fixes in there! Karma would be my #1 next fix too. Hope you can resolve that quickly. Still immensely enjoying the game.
  10. reminder Active Member

    The patcher is still failing but at least the file's available from your site. I just hope it's the same as STEAM customers get.

    Edit: Found a problem already. Windowed mode doesn't allow you to go up or down in shard view when your mouse is near the edge. Also, 800x600 is still not fixed (cuts off the edges).

    The lighting choice is awesome though.
  11. wredniak2003 New Member

    Thanks for new patch and I agree the karma and lack of bonuses when defending your own shard should be #1 priority right now.
  12. Ess New Member

    These patch notes are awesome, fixing the only bugs I've actually encountered! Thank you!
  13. Kris Member

    Yeah, very nice patch on paper. Lets hope its playable now :D
  14. IcantHear New Member

    still no windowed mode in the GoG version it seems.
  15. reminder Active Member

  16. IcantHear New Member

  17. Denthris New Member

    Sounds good, Karama would definitely be nice, thanks
  18. reminder Active Member

    True, that. Oh well, at least they're trying.

    I do advise for your own sake to use the forum search whenever you have any problems. Or just browse it occasionally - you may never know what good may happen. For example, you could try this :
  19. Mikerus New Member

  20. Axmart New Member

    "Added option for changing lighting modes."

    I have found menu "lighting change mode" in video settings in the game where there is nothing option to choose, blank string only.

    If you faced the same problem then just delete \data\resources\config.res file. After that you will be able to choose preset lighting modes and this option will appear in config.exe.

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