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Discussion in 'Eador. Masters of the Broken World' started by Dan Spivakov, May 23, 2013.

  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    A new update 1.0.9 will be available in a few hours.

    Here's the change list:
    • Added Polish localization.
    • Optimization of AI’s turn calculation.
    • Added item sets.
    • Coefficient for transfer of karma and relations with other Masters is increased.
    • Added intro video for Russian and English versions of the game (Steam only temporally).
    • AI logic for hiring and removal of units has been reworked.
    • AI logic for buildings construction priority has been improved.
    • Game freeze caused by using the ‘Astral Gates’ ritual.
    • Game freeze caused by ordering a unit to shoot while his previous animation was still playing.
    • Game crash caused by bandits attack during province exploring.
    • Game freeze caused by an attempt to capture an already lost province with an allied race.
    • Game crash caused by an attempt to see detailed information about a unit.
    • Incorrect HP number for the barbarian units after their recruitment.
  2. ilitarist Member


    So, guys who play Eador, are those the last serious problems?
  3. Beanstalk New Member

    No, but getting close. If the turn duration is acceptable now on large shards with multiple opponents, then the 2 major problems that remain are the shard defence and diplomacy bugs.

    afaik, the rest is pretty much minor annoyances (as long as you save regularly ;))
  4. Cane Member

    Not really. You still don't get any bonuses on shard defence and since your home shard stays static throughout the campaign those missions may become almost impossible further along the line.

    Also diplomacy doesn't work at all which is a big shame since it was a big part in genesis.
  5. Peter Ebbesen Member

    How about Master Shard invasions? I believe I saw some bug reports on missing schematics there some time ago.
  6. Aghiuta Member

    since you added Polish localization, I can help (free of charge) with Romanian localization. I guess you probably did not have the intent to provide it (smaller/poor market, so most developers skip it) so I offer my services for free.
  7. haphazard1 Member

    Thanks to the dev team for their continuing hard work!

    Further improvements on the AI turn times is definitely welcome. I am only now reaching average-sized shards in the campaign so I have not had any real issue with turn times myself. But hopefully this will help those who have been struggling with this issue (and potentially myself later in the campaign).

    Anyone have a bit more detail on the last two AI logic rework/improvement items? I am curious as to just what changed in these areas.
  8. Saeko New Member

    need shards defense and diplomatie bug for play again, with hope IA turn good now :)

    Let's say i can play in 1 month :)
  9. project_mercy Member

    Goodbye extra 2 HP. You were loved.
  10. Kenneth Finucan New Member

    GREAT Job Developers. I am very pleased and thankful for your continued support. You already have our money - you could just abandon us. But rather, you continue to support us to fix bugs and make this fantastic game better. You will be rewarded with our support at future products. You make 'em, we'll bye 'em. I am appreciative.

  11. Addition of items sets has fixed both #2 (the lack of item set information) and #32 (an exploit involving bonuses from carrying set items in your backpack) from my list. I actually have to choose between set bonuses now, instead of packing a mobile armoury everywhere. Yay.
  12. FarAway Sooner Active Member

    Yup. The continued productivity here is impressive.

    In a nutshell, Snowbird only has made one mistake: Committing to a 4/19/2013 launch date with Steam after getting Greenlight approval in Q4-2012. Estimating project time six months from completion calls for masterful project management skills and great preliminary sizing of the remaining work--it's something that many major projects at Fortune 500 companies often get wrong. That mistake was a doozie, given the buggy shape of the game at release, but they're recovering nicely.

    Had they gotten the game squeaky clean upon release as an indie, I would've said they earned the "great shop" label here, but that didn't happen. Firms and people make mistakes. It's how you recover from them that sets apart the good shops from the bad ones. As they continue to nail down these game-affecting bugs, Snowbird is steadily moving into the "good shop" category, IMHO.
  13. project_mercy Member

    Do you still get the bonuses for the sets you're not wearing?
  14. Deviant Member

    From Russian topic:
    • Исправлена ошибка с неполучением астральных бонусов при защите собственного мира.
    • Исправлена ошибка с доступом к постройкам, полученным при атаке мира другого владыки.
    That means:
    1. Fixed problem with no astral bonuses when master invasion on your world.
    2. Fixed problem with access to buildings when you captured master shard.
  15. vom53 New Member

    Yes, that is correct. This is also shown on Steam's US patch update. The post was a few minutes off, so Dan's post on Snowbird Games did not included these two, but it is a reality that these fixes are made.
  16. vom53 New Member

    Shard defence has been fixed on 1.0.9
    Diplomacy would be in a future patch
  17. gavinfoxx Member

    So is Karma fixed yet? When Shard Defence and Karma / Diplomacy is fixed, I will start playing again.
  18. vom53 New Member

    Currently of the three, two are fixed, but Diplomacy will be released in a future patch (4th week of May or 1st week of June)
  19. gavinfoxx Member

    MMmm. Are you supposed to start in a 'good' position on your home shard? For home defense? Seeing as how it is, you know, your own shard?
  20. Boschnoz New Member

    anybody have a link for the patch? my updater keeps stalling.

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