Patch notes (May 7)

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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    A new update is now available for download. Here are the 1.0.6 patch notes:

    — Improved HUD for units on the tactical map.
    — The way unit speed animation changes has been improved.
    — Optimized tooltip display for mouse cursor movement.
    — Improved support of displays with 768 vertical pixels resolution.
    — Fixed ‘Lighting change’ mode functioning.

    • Mistiming problems fixes.
    • Fixed disconnection problems between the server and the game’s client in a multiplayer game and in the lobby.
    • There are now two game modes in multiplayer:
    1. ‘Advanced’ mode — number of points depends on the number of played games and achieved victories;
    2. ‘Classic’ mode — every player has an equal number of points (1000 at the moment).
    • Added icons for player statuses: ‘Player is looking for an opponent’, ‘Player is in the game’.
    • Added information display of other players’ spent points.
    • Updated prices for units, spells and items.
    • Improved chat.

    — ‘Endless siege’ bug.
    — Berserk barbarian animation caused the game to crash.
    — Selected building is not correctly highlighted in the city screen.
    — Effects bug of ‘A portal to Chaos’ event.
    — Battle starts before some of the dialogues are over.
    — Capitals generating on neutral terrain types.
    — AI controlled hero doesn’t attack the castle’s garrison while it’s under siege.
    — Delays in selection, giving orders and showing tooltip for units.
    — Problem with necromancy skill and hero information display after the battle.
    — Inability to sell an item in some cases.
    — Bug that caused heroes to receive new skills and parameters earlier than intended.
    — Attack of the enemy castle with no units in the garrison.
    — Bug with provinces capturing where defenders could become guards in some cases.
    — Karma transfer from the shard map to the astral.
    — Killing a skeleton during a battle could cause the game to crash.
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  2. Esvath Member

  3. Orpheusftw New Member

    You fixed Karma?
    Sounds like I might finally get to play. Thanks.
  4. Harfang Member

    The launcher.exe crash which was introduced with version 1.0.4 (in my case, at least) has been fixed.
  5. diez New Member

    KArma is working, awesome. Thank you!
  6. pexx421 Member

    Thanks! Please though, need to fix polymorph bug, which gives no loot for battles where morph is used, as well as the inability to use diplomacy in custom maps.

    And please, please, please do something about the long amount of time enemy turns take on tactical map. Anything over small maps, with anything over 2 or 3 enemies is unplayable after a few dozen turns
  7. LancelOCT Member

    ooo karma :)
  8. Athnamoz New Member

    Has the class bug at lvl 10 resolved? I'm going to check that.
  9. ChrisG Member

    Thank you!! :)
  10. Kris Member

    It has? great!

    This. Anybody played yet who can tell if it has been improved or remains unchanged?
  11. Kenneth Finucan New Member

    I'm downloading this game right now. Any company this dedicated to customer satisfaction is worth my support. Count me in as a player. I love the game Eador-Genesis, although I struggle to win. But practice makes perfect. Wish me luck, and THANKS for the great support.

    Captain Ken
  12. boltar New Member

    AI still takes 30 secs or longer with 2 AI's. With 3 AIs could be almost am in a turn. This has to be fixed
  13. Thybhault New Member

    Yup, Still unplayable, each AI turn takes too long, that's a real problem when you wait 30sec just to explore 3% of a province...:(
  14. Trideen New Member

    Looking great! Keep up the good work Snowbird! :)
  15. Kris Member

    its way longer than a 30 sec wait for me. closer to 2 minutes maybe, just throwing that out there.
  16. Peter Ebbesen Member

    So, now we just need the accumulated bonuses to be applied in home shard defense and the campaign might start being worth playing after all. :)
  17. Crow New Member

    Time to start the campaign,thank you.:D

    And hope to fix bonus defense in home shard like Peter Ebbesen mentioned.
  18. Jute New Member

    DAMN you guys are tough to please. Talk about ungrateful.

    Patch notes denote what HAS been changed. Whining about issues still in the queue is pretty rude.

    Has there been any indication that they aren't working on them? Essentially weekly patches - both with new functionality and bug fixes - indicates that they aren't sitting on their asses.

    By all means, create other posts, bump existing posts, etc - but a little gratitude wouldn't hurt.

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  19. Statue Member

    Awesome, thanks for the work guys.
  20. FarAway Sooner Active Member

    Woot! Love to see these weekly patches, and fixing the Karma bug is yet another strong indication that you guys are listening to your fans as you prioritize these fixes. Keep up the good work, Snowbird!!
  21. rosecki Member

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