Steam Internet CD-Key?

Discussion in 'Eador. MotBW — Technical problems' started by Alan McKinley, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Alan McKinley New Member

    Just bought the game on steam...

    Then I just tried the multiplayer and it asked me to create a new account, which is fine, but I have to type in an internet cd-key...where do I get mine? Normally you can see your CD-keys for games in Steam, by right clicking on them in the library and then "view cd-key". But there is no option for Eador what to do?
  2. lee New Member

    was just about to post the same thing lol, also the hotseat button isnt working..
  3. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi guys,

    We're working with Valve to fix this ASAP. Sorry about it.
  4. Hoss Porkchops New Member

    Dan, can you explain how the Multiplayer setup works? It just took me to a matchmaking system, is there any way I can direct-connect to a friend who's sitting in the same room as me?

  5. Colonel Savage New Member

    Any update on this? I'm dying to play with a friend. Kind of sucks asking for a key when none is provided... how did this happen, anyway?
  6. wredniak2003 New Member

    Looks like they have resolved it as now if you look in steam there is an option to get a serial code just under DLC on the right side ^^
  7. Colonel Savage New Member

    Well, thumbs up for them getting it fixed so quickly - it's disappointing that the 'multiplayer' wasn't explained completely before I purchased it, however. The screenshots made it look like it was just like other, similar strategy games (HoMM, Age of Wonders, etc); a full on, strategic-level game that I could directly play with friends. The reality is, it's a tactical-level only battle mode against random opponents. I'm sorry, Snowbird, you have a charming single-player game here. But this incomplete multiplayer mode means I cannot recommend it to my friends.
  8. gourmat Member

    there is still the hotseat modus which is currently disabled and Dan somewhere wrote that stratetical card conquering will be possible, so my guess is, this is just too early, first single player playable, then multiplayer, with all the bugs there wont be a mp atm possible anyway :)
  9. Colonel Savage New Member

    I hope so. I root for the indie developers; but taking my money on a product with missing/flawed/unfinished features is really irksome.

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