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Discussion in 'Blood & Gold: Caribbean!' started by Snowbird Games, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Snowbird Games

    Snowbird Games Administrator Staff Member

    An additional portion of feedback can always be of help for us.

    So feel free to share your ideas and suggestions on which direction we could take the game next right in this thread.
  2. Smug Face

    Smug Face New Member

    I would like to know if there will be marriage in the new game (Blood and Gold)
    I would also like to share some of my ideas. The sold to slavery idea is actually really impressive and logical btw

    1. I think there should be a guard who will try to put you down and send you to prison if you killed an innocent man in the tavern, or this option (no guards) everyone in the tavern work together to put you down if you kill a innocent civilian but you still get sent to prison

    2. Religions

    3. More commands (Formations in battles)

    4. I would love it if you guys are able to make the naval battle like the naval sieges

    5. More diplomacy would be awesome

    6. Field officers for European nations would make land battles more realistic

    7. If your party morale is low, or not enough budget to pay your troops soldiers rebelling against you should be added. If they decide to rebel against you, you have to run away, if they put you down, like you guys said "Depending on your luck" you might end up being sold to slavery. Depending on your luck some loyal troops might help you run away by protecting you while you retreat. This way I feel it makes the game more realistic.

    8. Option to let prisoners go or execute them. I think letting prisoner go gives you honor and executing prisoner gains renown, but lose honor.

    9. I think there should be an option and scene where you take a walk on your ship while its moving. I've played a bunch of mount and blade mods, some of them have options to take a walk in their campsite. However, it would be cool to take a walk on your ship and possibly interact with sailors.

    This is all my suggestions for now :) I hope you guys can consider and keep up the good work! Looking forward to play Blood and Gold!
  3. nomotog

    nomotog New Member

    I am not 100% that all these ideas aren't in the game yet. I haven't played the original Caribbean yet. I was waiting for the option to play a female character.

    If you could walk on deck during the ship battles like in viking conquest, that would be really neat. Might not be possible, but it would be cool.

    I hope there is stuff to do in towns and some NPCs to interact with. Marriage would be a nice extension of that interaction.

    A non combat entourage. You know rather then just filling your party with just combat troops, you could include traders, diplomats, explores, carpenters or doctors that give you different bonuses.

    More traits. I wouldn't mind seeing traits replace skills. Brake apart some skills into multiple traits well bundling up other skills into a single trait.

    More weapon slots. The 4 slots always feels kind of restrictive in M&B. Mostly because your shield and ammo take a slot too.

    Oh and don't make buildings take forever to build. That is what I hate hate hate about M&B. It takes hours of play time to build anything even at max engineering.
  4. YourStepDad

    YourStepDad New Member

    I have a few I think are essential and a few I think would be really cool. I don't believe any of those would be too difficult to add.

    1. Visibly holstered pistols in jackboots
    My first suggestion would be for holstered pistols to visibly appear holstered inside of jackboots, provided the player or the NPCs are wearing them. So, a first pistol would be equipped on the belt, as it is right now, and if the player should equip two more, they would appear in boots, like on this picture:

    2. Better idle animations for pikes and muskets.
    Many mods have done this already and it looks glorious. Soldiers look awfully hunched and just ugly to look at when holding pikes as they do in vanilla warband. You've done a lot for the animations, but you have untouched the most problematic ones.
    Here's an example of some animations I'd like to see done by you guys. check the halberdier on the right. Now imagine also how wonderful pikes look being held that way.
    Here's how spearmen appear in Gekokujo, slightly different, but just as awesome:
    There is plenty that can be done with this also. Idle sword animations, riding while holding puffers animation etc. (Those exist, but I can't find them right now)

    3. Add environment backgrounds visible behind characters you are talking to!
    The dialogue that pops up from the campaign map and brings up the screen where you are talking to a character, regardless of where you are, will show vast emptiness behind a character you are talking to (or sea, not really sure) regardless of whether you are on land, on your ship deck, or somewhere else entirely. This is honestly really ugly and immersion breaking. When I'm told during dialogues I'm on a ship, I want to see a visible model of the ship deck, or of land, if I am on land, and not just vast emptiness, sadly, I do not have a screenshot, but just open up any quest dialogue that is triggered on the campaign map and you will see what I mean.

    4. Give us an ability to walk on the ship as means to talk to our companions, inspect our storage and whatever else you can think of. This is much needed.

    That is it for now, but please consider it!

  5. YourStepDad

    YourStepDad New Member

    5. Add captain co-op!
    There are natives. Imagine a few players defending a fort against hordes of Aztecs. the game begs for it! In any case, it will help the lifespan and enjoyment of MP vastly.

    6. Do something about the campaign map.
    It's about the only ugly thing in this game, but boy does it affect the overall experience. I hate to say it, but in contrast to everything else especially, the map is just ugly.

    The textures of the soil look ugly and crude, the rivers even more so, and the map icons look like they're floating, they're also not very good looking either, and on top of that look like a square, they literally look tacked on everywhere. The coasts also look like someone has done a bad job of cutting a piece of paper, instead of properly smooth as they should be, which is the biggest problem of all. The map icons also look disproportionate in size, usually too large, making an already small map look too small. There's also too many icons which are much too same. The colors and saturation of everything feel off the place as well. Good job on the palms and trees though, but that's about the only thing I can say looks honestly good.

    I realize it's not easy to create a good looking carribean in a M&B game, that I suspect, but I have to say, the vanilla Warband map looks so much better in every single way, save for the trees. This has got to be the worst looking map I have seen in a MB game yet. I think the map looked the best back in alpha, and even then it was very problematic.
  6. ModderGirl

    ModderGirl New Member

    any chance of a surrender or somethign like that
    what put nw aside from warband is the abilitiy to give up or surrender
    it adds a fun free role playing elemant to it
    maybe not a give up but maybe a white flag of truce or something
    i saw a few people in game moaning about no way to surrender
    in nw its like the custom its the main thing people do press p to surrender :)
    if youd consider some kind of surrender or flag of truce animation
    that would be great, and it wouldnt take too long to use one from open source and assign it to a mission template
  7. chrisszbond

    chrisszbond New Member

    CR: Easy Sale
    Type: Ease of use
    Description: When in the inventory, usually I sell everything but maybe some few items.
    Change: Add a check-box in the top left corner of each item in Inventory
    - Mouse-Over "This is mine. Arrrr!"
    Add Button "Sell this shit" while in Market to sell all but Marked equipment at once
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  8. chrisszbond

    chrisszbond New Member

    CR: Take All
    Type: Ease of use
    Description: After Winnint a battle or sinking Ships I want all loot!
    Change: Add a Button "Its all mine!" that simply takes all Items or Cargo. (Until Max Item slots are filled)
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  9. Dyderich

    Dyderich New Member

    Fix Required

    If on land, talking to your Secretary and you wish to put a NPC in charge of one of your cities, you do not get the ability to do so and then it veers off tangent in conversation to wanting to attack the secretary (just message you do not actually attack anyone and it appears not to do anything either)...which means the conversation link is pointing to the wrong conversation portion. Please fix.
  10. SunAndSteel

    SunAndSteel New Member

    1) Option to loot ammo as well after combat.
    2) Option to access party screen while in a town (paying double city tax because i forgot to rearrange sailors on ships before selling them is not nice).
    3) When selling a ship WITH sailors on it > add those sailors to the city pool rather then them dissapearing.
    4) Ship combat is too arcade-ish, not that important to get a good sailing direction, just turn-fire-turn-fire untill they have 0 sailors, maybe rework to be like in some other games (after all, this is not Sid Meier's Pirates, has a lot more potential and it would be a shame to stick to a battle model that is out-of-date). I understand that there are some engine-based restrictions, but hopefully something could be done. Every combat seems repetitive and boring.
    5) Scouting/awareness skill to see enemy squadron/army data, at current state u always know exactly what enemy has, which makes the game a lot easier then it should be. Surprises are something that happened all the time in the era of Pirates :)
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  11. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    Good day and thank you for asking us for suggestions!

    I’ve been playing pirate games since Pirates on the Commodore 64. Before I play your game (that I bought), I wanted to give suggestions on what I would like to see in this game without being influenced by the contents of this game. Some things may already be done in your game so sorry for putting suggestions that are irrelevant.

    Here is the list:

    1. Beautiful detailed sea map. If you’ve played the new Pirates! From Sid Meier you will see the beauty and I almost feel like I was there

    2. Ocean storms, reefs, caverns to be explored, sargasso seaweed, wrecks that can be looted or not

    3. Contraband goods

    4. The silver train that can be attacked on land or a small convoy

    5. The possibility to talk to other neutral or friendly ships: hail for news, assist in repairs, trade goods, escort

    6. Random events (England at war with Spain, France with Holland, natives attack Trinidad, pirates seized Margarita, food shortage at Nevis, Treasure Fleet moving…, Malaria strikes, New governor, reinforcements, Famous Pirate caught and hanged, Famous Pirate escapes from prison

    7. Nations: France, Holland, England Spain, Dutch, Portuguese

    8. A lot of Nation flags, on forts, ships, settlements. There must not be a doubt who rules!

    9. Titles as a Pirate or inside a Nationality…

    10. The possibility to build your own village or reinforce towns with troops or new buildings (at a high cost).

    11. I would like to be able to explore uncharted islands and maybe find abandoned villages, burnt villages, loot, caverns, nothing, resources, a treasure, henchmen or natives.

    12. The possibility to try to infiltrate a town with the possibility to get caught.

    13. Wandering guards in a town, city, military parades, festivals, army of standing troops in a city

    14. Different kinds of salesmen in a town (buy unique items at high cost)Ex: Mastercraft spyglass to see farther, expensive outfits with bonuses, better weapons…

    15. Different of ship upgrades: hull, canons, sails…

    16. Multiplayer: if on the same ship, can split the tasks (1x in charge of canons, 1x of sails, 1x of boarding party, 1x of the lookout). The possibility to control a ship each if you have 2…

    17. Different types of currency: gems, gold, goods…

    18. Loot after a successful boarding (and keep the ship)

    19. Pirate hunters, pirates, thugs, Jesuits, pirate coves, native boats.

    20. Shady characters that can sell information about other ports, resources, deals, treasure maps…

    21. Various quest to the main character (second player can see the discussion). Possibility to share loot or exchange items.

    22. Land combat: get your ships canons out, barrels of gunpowder to blow the walls of a fort.

    23. More obstacles in combat (cart, house, wall, rocks, hills, rivers, bridges, depressions…)

    24. Possibility to take the governor’s daughter for ransom our anyone else of importance

    25. Different strength enemies (breastplate can get 3-4 hits from the front) unarmoured target 1 or 2.

    26. Different ships, troops, henchmen, specialists

    27. Possibility to hide loot

    28. Raising an army and a fleet (long term requiring levels). Work your way up…

    29. Famous pirates

    30. Dice games

    31. People in settlements

    32. Unexpected events (your town is getting attacked by natives, reinforcements are sent, a diplomatic mission, an escort is required, your relatives were captured…

    33. Nice looking ship battles (smoke, sound, cannonballs flying, explosions

    34. Worn ships

    35. Skills and advantages to your main character

  12. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    I've played the game a bit and here a few suggestions:

    1- Running/walking options would be nice
    2- A take all button when looting stuff
    3- Enemies killed should have their equipment in the loot options after the battle
    4- we should decide when to leave combat (not forced)
    5- Walking around town (when need big signs to identify important place) right now, we need to guess
    6- Blocking could be generic (no direction just right clicking on the mouse and facing forward the enemy)
    7- Selling ships
    8- leaving places is difficult (should be a highlighted transparent area or something similar)
    9- the game should always move slowly by default. Put a pause button or choose your speed (like sims)
    10-sell all button or right click to sell
    11- picking up weapons is hard in battle.

    will continue to update
  13. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    1-Important issue, is it a bug? When you win in a boarding action, you are asked if you want goods first, then if you want to keep the ship. Makes no sense:
    "Throw these goods overboard we have no room, but captain we will be keeping this ship!"
    2- It would be nice to be able to assign crew on both of the ships (after capturing one)
    3- On the naval combat screen it would be nice if we could see our men in the display (sailors and boarding crew) I sometimes attack a ship only to see that I didn't have enough men...
  14. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    If you guys need help with French, it is my native tongue.
  15. bassman39

    bassman39 New Member

    Love the game! Bring on more ship models and pirate swag, and numerous flags!
  16. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    It would be nice to be able to sail away (flee) during a sea battle instead of hitting the corner of the map. same thing with an open field battle
  17. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    1-Is it possible to access the character screen from the town (instead of leaving to do so?)
    2- There is too much clutter in the news, I'm trying to find the Nationality Wars but I find this type of info: English cavalry has been wounded... Maybe put the news in faction colors England (red) at war with France (blue).
    3- We need more points of interest when on land. The world feels a bit empty.
    4- I was unpleasant with the brothel owner, He doesn't like me, will he ever change his mind or it's a final fact?
  18. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    During combat, there is very little point in blocking, as the enemies attack too rapidly. I suggest that the enemies (and I) should have his defense open for a little more time (to show that they are unbalanced after a swing and give you time to counter attack).
  19. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    An option to raise and lower sails would be nice. Canons aren't loud enough, Can you change ship during naval combat?
  20. Emrick09

    Emrick09 New Member

    Small ships on the global map could be represented by smaller ship instead of galleons.
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