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Discussion in 'Eador. Masters of the Broken World' started by Dan Spivakov, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    We wanted to let you know how things are going with the next update. For it we'll be mainly adding diplomacy, alchemy, a lot of fixes for AI and game logic, video cards support and much more else.
    The update's almost ready for release, but as the weekend is already upon us, we thought that we should hold off patching the main game itself for now. Instead we'd like to try something different.

    A little backstory. How does the current development for PC work? It's an endless adventure filled with amazing discoveries. For example, we were contacted by two players who couldn't get the game to start. Both had the same type of video card (we won't say who the manufacturer is, but it starts with 'N' and ends with 'A'). The game worked fine for them until the latest update, and we didn't see any other similar complaints. What's the reason? As it turned out, a Steam client update was released at approximately the same time. And only such combination of these three factors (video card drivers, Steam client and the latest Eador update) resulted in a game crash.

    Going back to the update, we decided to use the full potential of Steam and put out a beta-version of the upcoming update. If you wish to try it now, you can. In Steam games library, you should choose Eador, click on 'Properties', go to 'Betas' tab, select 'eador_beta' and, finally, 'Check code'.

    If the update proves to be stable, you can expect its official release next week. Keep in mind, the beta will be also updated over the next couple of days.
  2. reminder Active Member

    Any way to get it for GOG gamers? As it is, I'd rather play a buggy game rather than the one without diplomacy.
  3. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Sorry, if we could we'd gladly do that for GOG as well.
  4. reminder Active Member

    Oh well. It's not like I don't have anything else to play. Thanks for the response tho.
  5. Queamin Member

    We need beta access code before we can click check code button.
  6. silof Member

    Thanks for the update, can't wait for diplomacy!
  7. Orpheusftw New Member

    This looks like the update I've been waiting for. (Dare I also hope that some of the combat audio has been straightened out as well? 'Drives me nuts) Thanks, and looking forward to finally playing.
  8. Praxis New Member

    What are the beta changes ? Did I miss anything ?
  9. iatre Member

    Will this update be compatible with our current save games? Is it more likely to be compatible in the middle of a shard conquest or in the astral screen?
  10. MarcDaKind Member

    It works with the current saves.
  11. Handel Member

    Nice job. At least I hope so - the update to fix serious bugs, not just "font fixed" and such.
  12. FarAway Sooner Active Member

    Getting Diplomacy fixed and continuing to improve the AI are the top two items on my list! I'm very excited to hear this. I'd decided to stop playing the game until Diplomacy was fixed, but it sounds like I won't be waiting so long after all.
  13. Constantin New Member

    I would suggest not releasing your games on steam if that breaks them.
  14. Fancysalami New Member

    I'll just second this. No way to get the beta code without an access code it seems.
  15. MarcDaKind Member

    I didn't need any beta code, just click check code and the game will automatically update the beta patch. It only takes some seconds, so you might have updated it without noticing.
  16. GamerGuides Member

    The beta patch is only 10.4mb. Very small.
  17. Handel Member

    Just found out a Dragon Form spell bug. When you use the spell the game considers the dragon as a separate unit which is dead. And this way the corresponding unit (the subject of the spell) doesn't get XP and medals for the killed enemies - presumable only for the killed by the dragon enemies but who knows...
  18. -GEC- New Member

    Beta-version updated to 1.1.2b. Chose 'eador_beta2' from beta list.
    Fixed interface bugs in diplomacy.

    Critical bug with game freeze after end turn fixed, but not in 1.1.2b.
  19. Good idea! Just make sure you have a thread dedicated to reporting issues found in the beta and some clear guidelines for how to do that. I recommend creating a thread for it with a sticky over in the tech forum.

    It should include how to get the beta patch, what to test (e.g., preliminary patch notes), and how to report bugs (if there is anything more to do than post in the thread itself).

    Or, if you're just using this thread for that purpose add in the "what to test" part and clarify this is where to report.
  20. Grantel Member

    Could someone please provide a download-link for patch 1.1.2c? I am a GOG customer and the updater doesn't work (like always).

    Thx a lot..
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