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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    New update 1.2.0 is coming later today. Originally we promised that it'd come with the shard hotseat mode as well, but we feel like it still needs some testing.

    Later this week we're planning to include the mode for a Steam beta update so some of you will have a chance to try it out (and help us) pretty soon.

    Here's the change list:

    • Changed and improved interface for rituals’ window on the strategic map.
    • Changed and improved interface for rituals’ tooltips.
    • Changed and improved interface for sights in the strategic map.
    • Changed and improved interface for provincial constructions on the strategic map.
    • Changed and improved interface for guards’ window on the strategic map.
    • Changed and improved interface for spells’ window on the tactical map.
    • Changed and improved interface for spells’ tooltips.
    • Added ability to control the province (hire guards, construct buildings, etc.) in the province’s info-window (in the bottom right corner).
    • Icons for units and items are now clickable in all windows, an information windows is showed after a mouse button click
    • Reworked skill information window for heroes/units and terrain information on the tactical map. They are now auto-scaled and can be changed. All tooltips are displayed normally, without covering the mouse cursor and an item.
    • Added visual clue for inability to construct buildings in the Citadel and provinces, perform a ritual and hire a guard during the current turn.
    • Achievements can now be viewed in the game and be exported to the Steam account.
    • Added ‘Lord of Bones’ achievement (summon over 50 skeletons or zombies in a battle for the shard).
    • Added two spells for multiplayer: ‘Create Golem’ and ‘Summon Phoenix’.
    • Increased available screen resolutions number that can be selected in the game.
    • Unified window close buttons.
    • Added detailed tooltips for difficulty levels.
    • Unit information can now be viewed during a shard attack.
    • Icon for building status in its tooltip is replaced with the text.
    • Improved tooltip for gold and gems status on the lower panel.
    • Scout that takes the path of Warrior (‘Adventurer’) now gains ‘Second Wind’ skill on level 10 (moving and attacking in the same turn without spending additional energy) and ‘Swiftness’ skill on level 20 (moving after the attack).
    • A few other small improvements.
    • ‘Can’t Stop Building’ achievement.
    • ‘Collector’ achievement.
    • Item sets not working correctly.
    • A bug that caused stamina to decrease before the shot happens.
    • All resources in the Necromancy window are now displayed correctly.
    • Incorrect location of the spells in multiplayer.
    • A bug that let player deploy army on the arena for AI.
    • A bug that caused disappearance of the whole garrison left in a province after upgrading Outpost to Fort.
    • Some letters getting cut out in the hero’s level up window.
    • Esc button working incorrectly in informational windows on the tactical map in some cases.
    • Hotkeys not working in a neutral shop.
    • Building tooltip covering contruction button on lower screen resolutions. Tooltips display is now generally improved on lower resolutions.
    • Inability to exit the province list after pressing Esc button.
    • Dialog bugs.
    • Tooltips covered by the lower panel on the strategic map.
    • Highlight of clickable elements on the astral map.
    • Incorrect display of the tooltip after closing radial province menu.
    • Battle result’s tooltip bug when attacking a province without guards.
    • Inactive shards on the astral map.
    • Province siege by rebels without a fight.
    • Player’s units not being selected after turn’s end if AI units weren’t able to do anything before that.
    • Game crash caused by transition to the tactical map after the ‘slugs attack’ event.
    • Game speeding up after quickly giving orders to two units.
    • AI’s turn freeze caused by it having more than 4 heroes and having opportunity to attack enemy capital.
    • Rare bug that doubled unit’s death if the hero had ‘Master of the Undead’ skill.
    • Empty trophy window after clearing an ambush.
    • Missing number for damage by towers during capital’s siege.
    • Game’s logic breach caused by long animation and inaccurate action order after the double shot.
    • Game’s logic breach after calculation of the shooting results during fast orders giving.
    • Synchronization bugs in attack and death animations on the tactical map.
    • Game freeze caused by transition to the tactical map when player’s province was in rebellion and he chose to suppress it with his army.
  2. Catalin M Member

    Game speeding up after quickly giving orders to two units. - I hope that doesn't mean that you fixed it so that they can't speed up anymore.
    Synchronization bugs in attack and death animations on the tactical map - This is very nice. It will finally stop looking awkward.
    So, the Medusas will still crash the game if we reload and the Crystal still has an "unquenchable hatred for Bowmen" {quoting someone ;)} (since you mentioned nothing about them)?
  3. Acredon Member

    Crystal seems to be fixed, at least im not getting bowmen only anymore.
  4. WhiskeyD New Member

    Is there any intention to address the long AI turns at some point? While there are a few minor bugs still, I don't find them nearly as impactful on my gameplay experience as this one now.
  5. Catalin M Member

    Thanks for the reply, but how did you get the update? My auto-updater always detects a new patch and asks me whether I want to install it or not, but not this time.
    Edit: never mind, it works fine now.
  6. Catalin M Member

    I have never said anything bad about you guys, but what the heck? In the astral screen, I click a shard and when I move my mouse over a building that I'd get from that shard, the proper information pops up, along with "access violation at address 007F90D8 and read address 00000050". I've never had this problem and now, after so much testing and re-testing, this is what comes out? What gives? I'll send you that save to support, if support still works.
    Edit: it also doesn't give more info about the terrain type if you mouse over the shard's terrain picture, nor if you mouse over the World of Fear/Knowledge... text.
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  7. Golden New Member

    First quest obtained from crystal ... 8 bowmen ... ooooooohhhh yeah ........
  8. Aschnad New Member

    I have the same problem with the astral screen and get the same error message. Also i can't plunder provinces anymore. Is there a new way to plunder provinces or is this a bug?
  9. Catalin M Member

    Must be a fluke.:D Check out the all-new astral screen! It's the same as before, with a bonus: it crashes.
  10. psyfun New Member

    I am getting this crash too. Was fine yesterday... /sigh.
  11. JYG New Member

    Plunder is not available for me either. Is there a way around it or do i have to uninstall and reinstall from steam without allowing beta patches? To bad cause the first beta patch worked fine but no plunder is a game breaker.
  12. Blurpo Member

    guess it's something to do if you play 'evil'. I'm playing a 'good' campaign and have never plundered, don't even know what it does :)
  13. Outlandish Member

    well, at least I read the horrors here before updating. think I'll hold off a bit, thanks all for your sacrifice! Is anyone able to plunder or not getting crashes etc from astral?
  14. FarAway Sooner Active Member

    That Access Violation error has been around for a while, although sightings have grown less frequent with age. One cure for it that might work is to change your Data Execution Prevention (DEP) settings so that Eador does not use DEP. That made the problem go away for me. Depending on your OS, you can find DEP settings in different places, so you can just Google it if you want to try.

    It's a crappy, suboptimal solution and not one that I enthusiastically recommend, but it worked for me when I was getting a very similar error after a patch 2 or 3 months ago.
  15. Lightzy Member

    Is there going to be a balance pass at some point?
    To make sure stuff is... balanced?
  16. Outlandish Member

    They can't even fix the major game-destroying bugs and instead introduce new ones, I doubt we'll ever see them have time to really balance and I'm certain there won't be a decent AI before they quit pouring money into this game. A shame given how good the base game is.

    I do think they tried a little balance though, with the Astral Energy nerf, which certainly affects all heroes but I'd say it hits warriors hardest in the early game with early scouts a close second. Obviously it hits everyone once you've got T3-4 units and can't get a second attack with them, but by then I feel the game is won anyway; early game is what matters. Web is still far too strong for a tier 1 spell, I think they need to change that so it only works 1 turn for people without concentration and 2 turns with (instead of the 2 and 3 we get now) or some other kind of nerf. But I'd be happy with never seeing another improvement if all the bugs just went away.
  17. Lightzy Member

    Hope so too. Paid $20 for this game for some reason and that's $15 more than I pay for games these days :)

    And really, it's late game that is most broken because of superman heroes that render economy/guards/units useless.. Early game is still fine.. (in a shard, I mean)
  18. Thanks for continuing to support and work on Eador. We're actually playing it tonight.

    Still holding out for an exploring (no-AI) or a defensive (you go after AI instead of vice versa) mode. :)
  19. Aloysius New Member

    Ok so everyone knows i guess the bug where you do a fight 2 times for some reason. Now instead of redoing it the second time it just auto kills me and the enemy. Really weird,I hope you guys can look into and solve it soon.
    Since this thing happened like 10 mins of playing after update and the double fight was common enough in my plays I was wondering why don't they get some volunteers from the fans to do some playtesting before launching updates,I'm sure many would like to help and this situations of launching with new bugs would be next to 0.
  20. Catalin M Member

    I'm guessing it just kills you all to save time. :rolleyes: I had that one too, frustrated me to the brink of insanity. (exaggerating) I just hope it doesn't reemerge.

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