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  1. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    New update 1.1.3 is now available for download. Here's what's new:

    • New interface element: if during the current turn player constructs a building, hires a guard or performs a ritual, an additional icon for his action will be displayed on respective interface buttons.
    • Added new skills:
      1. Petrification Immunity — available for Gargoyle, Ghost and Golem from the start; can be acquired by Gnome.
      2. Entanglement Immunity — available for Ghost, Dragon and Phoenix from the start; can be acquired by Halfling.
      3. Aura of Healing — used to replenish a few HP for friendly units in nearby hexes. Available for Paladin from the start. Can be acquired by Unicorn, Dryad and Treant.
    • Improved process of receiving quests from Crystals, they are more randomized now.
    • Improved process of hiring guards to enemy’s base province in the campaign. Their power is now scaled to your progress.
    • Almost all ‘Close’ buttons now have the same look.
    • Added tooltip for ‘Close’ button in all windows that can be opened on the strategic map through hero's circular menu.
    • Unit information’s window has been reworked.
    • Added option to create private games and choose which player to fight with in multiplayer.
    • Reduced game difficulty for the first three difficulty levels.
    • Increased initial income for the first three difficulty levels.
    • Added tooltip for battle result chances on the third difficulty level.
    • During a siege of an outpost or a fort there is now a wooden wall and palisade on the tactical map.
    • Province information in dead and desert lands now doesn’t show an icon of a race that possesses the province.
    • A bug that caused hero’s army to lose a unit without reason after the death of an enemy unit under effect of ‘Enslaved’ spell.
    • A bug that caused hero to become a Slug, Ogre or any other unit after using ‘Enslaved’ spell.
    • AI’s ability to hire guards in a besieged province.
    • Missing tooltip for the first building in a queue in the planned constructions’ window.
    • Buildings tooltip’s displaying already constructed buildings on the astral map.
    • ‘Resurrection’ spell not working if a unit that can use it is killed last in a battle.
    • A bug that caused the fight to end with a draw if a hero died last and in the Dragon Form, leaving the hero itself alive.
    • A bug that let a hero use the ‘Double Shot’ skill, come close to enemy and shoot dealing double damage. Now heroes can shoot only if they didn’t make a move during their turn. If a move is made the skill is deactivated.
    • A bug that caused the game to start a tactical battle with ‘auto-battle - always’ setting turned on.
    • Incorrect priorities for Healer AI’s behavior.
    • Buildings that give access to pact with guard could show incorrect number of the pacts.
    • Units with an all-round attack could counter-attack using this ability. Now all activated unit abilities will be nullified when a turn ends.
    • AI getting fewer buildings in the Astral thus falling behind in development on the later stages of the campaign.
    • Heroes could get an increase in two basic characteristics instead of one during province exploration.
    • A hero under effect of Dragon Form and Polymorph spells didn’t have access to his spellbook.
    • Players could make a bet on the arena even with no gold left.
    • Game freeze caused by an enemy attacking player’s hero that’s besieging a province.
    • A bug that caused inability to refuse from a quest given to a hero.
    • A bug that caused allied Masters to send peace offers after every turn.
    • A bug that let player end diplomatic relations and then send diplomatic offer to Masters in the same turn.
    • AI sometimes missing units taken to the army from the garrison.
    • Unavailable ‘Library’ button in a situation when two heroes are exchanging items in a province with Library.
    • Inability to look at the detailed item’s information in a neutral shop and its incorrect price in the tooltip.
    • Bugs that caused generation of ‘square’ lakes on the tactical map.
    • Incorrect display of income change in the dialog window for ‘Dionium burning’ event.
    • A bug that caused the army to consist of trolls instead of skeletons in the event ‘The dead have risen from their graves…’
    • A bug that let player equip Healer’s Staff together with normal ranged weapon thus increasing all weapon’s characteristics.
    • A bug that caused generation of multiple resources in some provinces.
    • A bug that let player equip a two-handled weapon and a shield during a fight.
    • Icon for the merchant district’s building in the city screen.
    • AI attacking player’s capital without siege.
    • Incorrect difficulty modifier’s calculation for gold and gems received after a fight.
    • A bug that let AI summon skeletons and zombies in dead land provinces during auto-battle.
    • Color palette for resources area on the bottom panel of the strategic map.
    • Visual errors of the standard tooltip’s display.
    • AI sometimes buying the same primitive items.
    • AI constructing buildings in a province that improve the ones it already has.
    • Bonuses for mixed skill sets of Commander not working properly (fixed once and for all).
    • Tooltip for the building queue in the tutorial.
    • AI’s ability so send a player a message when it had already received one from him (exception for war declarations).
    • ‘Rain of Brimstone’ ritual not being effective against garrisons.
    • ‘Deadly Terror’ ritual not working properly.
    • ‘Polymorph’ spell bug that happened when the spell was used on the last enemy unit. The unit didn’t die in the end and his army remained on the strategic map.
    • Display of buildings received upon victory on your own shard after other Master’s attack.
    • Damage amount dealt by ‘Mass Suicide’ spell.
    • Finding empty caches.
    • A few bugs with medals received by units in battles.
    • Display bug of ‘You have no access to this resource’ tooltip.
    • Sometimes missing dialog for attack on a neutral province.
    • Hills sometimes looking like plain terrain on the tactical map.
    • ‘Start battle’ button not working during troop deployment on the arena.
    • A bug in the tooltip for a unit’s medal on the tactical map.
    • Game freeze caused by attack on the brigands’ province.
    • Inability to siege an enemy capital if it's under effect of ‘Deadly Terror’ ritual.
    • A few animation bugs of damage numbers on the tactical map.
    • Text scaling in the item information’s window.
    • Ability to buy the same item multiple times having only enough gold for one such item.
    • Mouse scroll for chat and player list in multiplayer.
    • Incorrect processing of Escape button when closing a confirmation window.
  2. Catalin M Member

    That's great, Dan! I wanted to play the game just now, and it said there was an update; I went back here and I didn't see anything yet. But here it is now. I was wondering when the next update would come. Very nice timing! ;)
  3. WereGopher Member

    I'm laughing my ass off at this bug, I would've liked to see the face of players to which it happened, ha ha ha.
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  4. reminder Active Member

    Dan, is there any chance of you making medal acquisition conditions a separate file rather than part of the .exe container?
  5. zhoudaohan New Member

    Very glad to see so many bugs fixed!
  6. ironballs Member

    I don't think my game was patched with this update.
    I got the game from Steam - how can I manually enforce the patch ?
  7. HamsterDesTodes New Member

    "Entanglement Immunity — available for Ghost, Dragon and Phoenix from the start; can be acquired by Halfling."

    Does that mean the spider abuse is at an end and Dragons are once again a serious threat instead of easy loot?

    PS I got the game via steam and it updated without problems
  8. peter_23 New Member

    It's good, at so many bugs were fixed. But at least one big is remained. After 60-80 turns, the screen and the icons become unsuable. You can't even read the conversation windows. It's very annoying. It helps for some turns 8-10, if you close the game and open an autosave file. After a while it occoures again. I upload a screen shoot in the missing icon, bugs post.
  9. Rellin Member

    Awesome patch. I am going to play this game again for the first time in a long time.
  10. peter_23 New Member

    Other "funny bug": if your enemy stands at the edge of the battlefield, you can't use weapon or magic against him. If you casted a spell before him, and he moves at the edge of the battlefild, he ignores it. F exp. : I casted a mass slow spell, and 9 turns remined, but a cavallry unit moved 4 steps against of this. (Of course he didn't resist the spell) As I see, after one bug is fixed, other bug occurs.
  11. peter_23 New Member

    And always freezes!!!!
  12. Blurpo Member

    Awesome, though I'm guessing the bug that considers stamina loss damage reduction for double-shots wasn't fixed? (i.e. a slinger with full stamina does double shot and damage calculated as if he had almost no stamina, so making the skill useless for lower level units)
  13. peter_23 New Member

    For me is it now unplayable. It freezes in every turn, and it doesn't make sence, if you can't attack enemies on the last two right hexes. They are new bugs, and kill the game. I wait for the new patch!
  14. peter_23 New Member

    It updates automatically, but you can also download all of the updates from this homepage. However it is not worth of buying in this condtion.
  15. Catalin M Member

    I really wouldn't say that. The problems you are encountering are most likely caused by your computer (it's either not a very sophisticated pc, or you have something installed that conflicts with various aspects of the game.) [It's known that there are some unique bugs, caused by the players' systems.] And the constant freezing may be due to insufficient RAM.
    Note: Some people here could not play (until recently) in colour. I never had that problem, but others did. It really isn't anyone's fault.
  16. FarAway Sooner Active Member

    You may already know this, but the bug itself is a bit more nuanced. Unlike in Genesis, when Fatigue effects from executing an attack (e.g., -1 for a normal Attack, -2 for a Move/Attack combo, etc.) were calculated and applied before an attack was made, MotBW first reduces Fatigue from an attack and then calculates the damage. This effect becomes especially pronounced when Fatigue drops sharply from somewhere above 5 to close to 0. Double-shots are a great example of this, a slightly less dramatic example are moving into a Sand hex and attacking.

    Given that ATK values are reduced 10% at 5 Fatigue and 40% at 1 Fatigue, you can see a pretty big problem. It's exacerbated by the fact that the tooltip calculates damage as if Fatigue were considered before reduction, so you get overestimated damage when you're frantically hoping to finish off an opponent before you run out of Fatigue.

    This change makes Fatigue a more important factor than it was in Genesis and also makes Undead and other Tireless units that much more effective. I'd prefer they stick with the Genesis methodology (resolve Attack using current Fatigue, then reduce Fatigue by whatever the cost of the action is), but if they want to keep it the way that it is, they should at least fix the Tooltip calculation.
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  17. peter_23 New Member

    No. I didn't have such problem before this update. The other bug has never occured before this update too. Try it: you can't attack enemies in the last two right hexes on the battelfield, and you can't use their dead bodies (bones) to reanimate as well. You can attack them only with spells -like fireball-, if you cast it in front of them. On the other hand, I have got 8 gb ddr3 ram and I don't play with full graphic installation. So, it is a fantastic game. It is the best, I have ever played, but it is terribly written and optimised with full of bugs.
  18. peter_23 New Member

    I have found one hex on the left side of the battlefield, which is also unattackable. Troops from this hexes got a new ability: they can go on water too!!! (use water hex as it would be plain hex)
  19. peter_23 New Member

    And autocombat doesn't work too. (freezes) Does anybody know, how can I remove this last "update", because if I simply delete the file, it doesn't help?
  20. Dan Spivakov Administrator

    Can't tell for sure, we'll see.
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