Update Notes (April 28) — Achievements and optimization

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    Hi everyone,

    The achievement update for Blood & Gold is now available for download! Along with the highest discount the game has ever received on Steam80%.

    Look below for the full patch notes.


    Update notes 2.070:


    - Added Steam achievements.
    - Textures were optimized to increase compatibility with low-performance machines.
    - City base resources now distribute randomly at the start of new game.


    - Fixed wrong heraldry on musketeers' bullet bags.
    - Fixed descriptions for Peddler and Entrepreneur traits.
    - Fixed descriptions for Charisma attribute and Leadership skill.
    - Fixed an error with soldiers still standing on the physics left behind by destroyed walls.
    - Fixed errors with enemy soldiers ending up underground.
    - After peaceful capture of a ship its cargo is transferred to your hold automatically.
    - Fixed city list in banking interface.

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