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    Hi everyone,

    Today we're releasing a new update for Imperium, numbered 2.75.1! With this update we're adding an ability to hire units in provinces — without any conditions like special buildings and other. But! It's not available at all times and it's very limited.


    What's the game logic behind this? If you're far from your base and have a small army, sometimes you have to come back for reinforcements. Or build a fort which isn't cheap. That's why you can now hire the 'locals' — they are residents of the province, who can be enlisted into your army for gold. Here are the restrictions: there's few of them, they aren't always available, and their quality depends on the population level of the province. Which is fair: if you have a cabin in the woods, then there will likely be nobody to hire (or just a lonely peasant who is tired of living in the forest). In a highly populated settlement there will be more people wishing to join you.

    Besides adding this new mechanic, we've also fixed a few bugs thanks to your reports — mostly related to incorrect AI behavior).

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