Update Notes (January 22)

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    Hi everyone,

    We're releasing a pretty big pack of fixes along with some new graphical and gameplay additions in another update today.

    Update notes 2.040:


    - New mission "Assassination from the roof".
    - Shotgun weapon class: Blunderbuss and Blunderbuss Pistol.
    - Animated moving clouds.
    - Ability to choose a ship for sinking after accepting another ship to the player's fleet.
    - Additional experience for completing quests from town's board.
    - Ability to change facial features for the female character in the face editor.
    - Traits for player's companions.
    - Notification about an empty bank account.


    - Sudden death of sailors during boarding fights along with allies.
    - Removing of ships with zero crew number.
    - Errors in Russian localization.
    - Errors in AI behavior in the siege locations.
    - Chance of getting imprisoned for officer-managers (Treasurer, Secretary etc.) after a fight.
    - Assignment of an unknown captain during fleet autoselection when coming back to the harbor.
    - Bug related to giving orders to a governor with no units in his party.
    - Random ship renaming after changing player's fleet flagship during a battle.
    - Ships/patrols getting stuck near Biloxi on the strategic map.
    - Sapper getting stuck during the "Blowing up mine" mission.
    - Missing particles for the pistol used in the "Killer Nun" mission.
    - Bug related to the damage calculation dealt to player's ships during sea sieges.
    - Bug related to hiring veteran lancer in the player's faction.
    - Bug that caused negative HP for ship hulls.
    - Script error upon promoting units in the player's party.
    - Quest distribution bug when the player is the leader of his own faction.
    - Display bug related to sails on the medium galleon.
    - Bug related to cannonballs not flying out of the front cannons on some ships.
    - Bug that prevented players escaping sleep menu in the cabin.


    - Functional for calculation and transferring of goods to the player's party when capturing ships after boarding fights.
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    This is awesome, thanks Snowbird, love this game!

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