V41! MOD: Admiral, Missionary, or Magnate! GOG VERSION UPDATED!

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  1. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    MOD VERSION 41 is now out!


    (NOTICE TO GOG USERS: if you want a copy of the files, msg me, ill link em for ya. Workshop is just hella lot easier)

    This Mod will be updated every time devs update the game, and some fresh stuff might be added, but it will essentially remain stable and more or less intact otherwise. Thanks for trying it!

    This mod, called Admiral, Missionary, or Magnate, adds a few new starting archetypes, called Retired Admiral, Female Missionary and Company Owner. one is focused on trade, the other war, and the last is a young nun with a gun on the run. Try any of the three, and see which you like most! It also adds a new companion, adds two new troop types for player kingdom, along with equivalent versions for all kingdoms to recruit, and adds a CUSTOM SHIP! (company owner starts with it, though you can buy a new one...if you have the cash)

    -NEW! Take a hefty loan from the tavern keeper if you so desire, but the money will come at a price...
    -NEW! Start option to play as a native war chief, and custom spawn location for this!

    -start as Edward Kenway, and set sail on the Jackdaw!
    -start with 25 trait points when you make a new character (only with Company Owner, Edward Kenway, and retired admiral start options)

    -New custom Ships (jackdaw class Brig, and Custom Cargo Ship)
    -4 new land units (private hire war vet, and Armed Nun)
    -5 Starting options with custom gear
    -New Npc!
    -Some tweaked chat options for hookers, and tavernkeeper

    step one: Go on steam and subscribe!

    for gog users who pm me and get files:
    Step one: download files from link
    step two: drag your preferred version from the .rar into the modules folder in your blood and gold directory
    step three: launch, pick module, and enjoy


    NEW screenshots! (updated JANUARY 6th 2016)
    2016-01-05_00006.jpg 2015-12-28_00023.jpg 2015-12-29_00023.jpg 2015-12-29_00024.jpg 2015-12-31_00005.jpg 2015-12-31_00006.jpg 2016-01-01_00018.jpg 2016-01-01_00013.jpg 2016-01-01_00022.jpg 2016-01-01_00025.jpg

    **Just needed a filler for this credits section ;)

    *For legal reasons, this is a grey area of piracy. i bought a copy of the songs on itunes, so i own
    a license to the song for my computer. since google drive is on my phone, which has itunes on it right now as well, which was transferred to my phone, its legally considered shared from my phone, which is now plugged into my computer, so, you are all legally accessing my computer, which has home-group, which means legally, i am sharing a lawfully purchased copy of the songs with others from home, for the purposes of artistic expression, meaning my mod is legally considered art, which means sharing this song within my mod is not unlawful. if i am mistaken, i will immediately pull this version. Thank you for understanding. Just in case, i will not name artist or song, so you guys cannot do anything with it, except enjoy it. however, the island is quite lonely, so get on a boat and head down here!, and boy, these M&ms are a monster to chew, its as if maroon five released an animal to prey on my mouth tonight. too bad they are not in the shape of a toy soldier. #loopholes

    (updated june 2nd 2016):

    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
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  2. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    MORE SCREENSHOTS! (UPDATED January 5th 2016)

    2016-01-04_00003.jpg 2016-01-03_00013.jpg 2016-01-04_00001.jpg 2016-01-03_00009.jpg 2016-01-03_00011.jpg 2016-01-03_00004.jpg 2015-12-28_00007.jpg 2015-12-27_00036.jpg 2016-01-03_00013.jpg 2016-01-03_00006.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
  3. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member


    2016-01-05_00003.jpg 2016-01-05_00005.jpg 2016-01-05_00007.jpg 2016-01-05_00009.jpg
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  4. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

  5. kayhan.kasap

    kayhan.kasap New Member

    Gr8 Mod i r8 it 8/8

    btw... how do you do this with these screenshots? That they are small? could you post the BBcode please?
  6. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    i simply upload them as thumbnails. also, thanks! :D
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  7. kayhan.kasap

    kayhan.kasap New Member

    thanks for you answer but i am just too dumb to understand how to upload them as thumbnail like you. xD

    Edit : Ok found it "Facepalm" I was so dumb, everytime I uploaded my pics on another site xD
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2016
  8. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    ok, when you upload a pic to a thread, there is an option in extended edit, in which you can publish the image either full size or thumb.
  9. kayhan.kasap

    kayhan.kasap New Member

    This m8 needs a medal!
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  10. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    already have one irl...eagle scout FTW!
  11. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    how do you guys like it so far?
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  12. anigman96

    anigman96 New Member

    You just added overpowered starting options, when you start out as admiral you can do whatever you want from day one, you are more powerful than any NPC and can conquer any town. However, I think you do have the ability to make a good and fun mod, so I think you should focus on extending the gameplay. Maybe making the mod more historical, or adding new collectible items(for example adding weapons that you get only by defeating certain captains). In my opinion, you should make the game more interesting and not just make it easier. Best of luck in the future development.
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  13. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    well, to an extent i agree. but if you don't like it, don't use it. however, i might tune down a few things, and i will take your idea to heart, and see if i can do the add rare weapons to captures thing. i like it. Thanks for the input, and i appreciate it also, have a glorious new year!
  14. anigman96

    anigman96 New Member

    Thanks, and i wish a happy new year to you too. I will keep an eye on this mod, and give honest feedback, also if you need ideas or research if you maybe want to make historically accurate mod, i'm here to help. :)
  15. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    very much appreciated sir, thanks!
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  16. Centurion

    Centurion New Member

    Great Mod! Actually, looks like this will grow into something bigger by expanding the content of the game. So, if you would like to add more weapons you could get use of this website: http://pirates.hegewisch.net/weapons.html
  17. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    NOW UPDATED TO v29! :D
  18. Orion

    Orion New Member

    Thanks for the mod. I personally don't use the overpowered start options because I think it makes the game too easy, but I don't see a problem with the options being there if people want to use it. Currently playing the native war chief and it's a blast!

    I'm really hoping you continue to work on this as I think it has tons of potential.

    Here's a few things I would love to see:

    -More companions! You seriously can't go wrong with adding more companions, everyone loves them!
    -More custom items(as previously stated) and especially more custom ships implemented. Really enjoying the ones you made.
    -Challenging custom spawns. It'd be awesome if say Edward Kenway & the Jackdaw with a huge fleet could occasionally spawn on the map and be hostile towards everyone. It'd be a fun challenge for high level characters and you could eventually add multiple unique spawns such as Blackbeard etc. (Yes I know this isn't historically accurate but we're talking about throwing Edward Kenway into the mix.)

    Anyways, whatever you do with this mod I'll definitely be using it from now on, Great job!
  19. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    i am posting the files for download for gog users now, because i keep forgetting to reply to them. sorry. one moment
  20. begginfokillz

    begginfokillz Member

    gog module updated

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